Rainbow Bridge – Cleo Hayden (Hayden)

Hayden2February 21, 2003 – September 16, 2013

We are sad to report that FFGR, Inc. now has another Bridge Angel.  Nancy called us and reported to us that her long time companion, Hayden, had to be released from the pain of cancer.  He was ten years old.

Hayden was adopted by Nancy in early January 2007.  Hayden was a dog that everyone loved because he loved everyone and everything.  He was so easy going and had a calm and loving nature.  Since that time, Hayden was Nancy’s constant companion.  He also spent many hours with all of his other greyhound buddies who were adopted through FFGR, Inc. by Nancy’s daughter and husband.  These hounds all made the rounds over the years to all of our events as well as Greyhounds in Gettysburg and Greyhounds Reach the Beach.

In the recent past, Nancy had to go through a number of surgeries and Hayden was with her all along the way.  He provided her much company, love and support.  Needless to say, Nancy has lost her best friend.

We are sorry to lose Hayden but he had such a wonderful and loving home; he was one very lucky greyhound.  We are so grateful for Nancy for giving Hayden such a wonderful home.


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