Happy Thanksgiving!……

 ReillyandsquashIt’s Thanksgiving and it’s time to thank all of our loyal, hard working and dedicated volunteers who have kept us going all these years. They truly are very special people and we appreciate them! They do us proud every day and they have m…ade us what we are! We also are thankful for all of our adopters who have kept their promises to us and their hound(s) by taking such good care of them and giving them the loving homes they deserve. Although we are sad when one passes, we know that dog had a good home and that is why we are here. Everyone who knows us understands that it really is about the dogs; those words are over-used a lot but with us we truly mean them. The hounds deserve only our best efforts. We not only talk the talk, but we all walk the walk. Thanks to everyone who has played a part in helping us fulfill our mission. We wish you the best Thanksgiving! Hug those hounds for us!

Rainbow Bridge – Craigie Fire (Bishop)

Craigie Fire 2011 BestSeptember 17, 2003 – November 15, 2013

We are very sorry to report that one of our adopters lost his beloved greyhound in a tragic and freak accident.  Bishop was ten years old.  Cuno adopted Bishop in 2011.  Bishop was a senior dog and was on Craiger’s List when Cuno met him.  Bishop’s age did not deter Cuno from adopting him and in the time the two were together, Bishop experienced his happiest years.

Cuno sincerely loved and was totally devoted to Bishop.  We could not have found a better adopter for Bishop than Cuno.  Bishop had been a return to our group and we knew what a wonderful dog he was (and we hoped that he would find the best home).  The two were perfect companions.

We are sorry that Cuno didn’t have as much with Bishop as he had hoped.  But we are sure that Bishop was the happiest dog in his final home.  That is all that any dog deserves.  We will always remember Bishop; he will always be in our hearts.




How to Help FFGR, Inc.

We often hear from people that they would love to help our organization but their time is limited. Did you know that you do not have to spend any time at all and yet still help us immensely?  We have wonderful volunteers who have kept our organization going for years.  However, there are ways that you can help and it won’t even cost you a cent!

Go to our Support Us page of our web site.  There you will see a number of ways that you can help.  If you join IGive.com, you can make on line purchases through many stores and our organization will earn money.  You can also do the same if you are an Amazon.com shopper.  A portion of your purchase will go towards helping our group.  And the “greyt” thing about this is that you won’t be charged any more for your purchases!

Join and bookmark these sites and remember to shop through them each time you shop on line.  It’s very easy.

Another way to help is to support us on our Facebook page.  We often post information on events and opportunities to help and we keep our page up to date.  If you have a photo of your hound(s), please send it to us via our web site contact page and we will post it on our Facebook page.  Our Facebook page is designed to be a celebration of greyhound adoption.  When visitors see greyhounds at home, it helps promote our work.  You would be surprised how many compliments we get on our page!

We will be sending out a Christmas newsletter via mail soon; please look for it.  We will be including news as well as other ways that you can help.