Rainbow Bridge – Craigie Fire (Bishop)

Craigie Fire 2011 BestSeptember 17, 2003 – November 15, 2013

We are very sorry to report that one of our adopters lost his beloved greyhound in a tragic and freak accident.  Bishop was ten years old.  Cuno adopted Bishop in 2011.  Bishop was a senior dog and was on Craiger’s List when Cuno met him.  Bishop’s age did not deter Cuno from adopting him and in the time the two were together, Bishop experienced his happiest years.

Cuno sincerely loved and was totally devoted to Bishop.  We could not have found a better adopter for Bishop than Cuno.  Bishop had been a return to our group and we knew what a wonderful dog he was (and we hoped that he would find the best home).  The two were perfect companions.

We are sorry that Cuno didn’t have as much with Bishop as he had hoped.  But we are sure that Bishop was the happiest dog in his final home.  That is all that any dog deserves.  We will always remember Bishop; he will always be in our hearts.




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