Rainbow Bridge – WP’s Sterling (Sterling)

Sterling Best

October 24, 2005 – December 11, 2013

It’s with great sadness that we report on the loss of another wonderful FFGR, Inc. greyhound.  Sterling had been diagnosed with osteo in early December.  His adopter, Susan, pondered the possbility of an amputation but it was determined (and we agreed) that it would put him through more than he could handle given his sensitive personality.

With the harsh winter weather and snow and ice to navigate through (and the increase in pain) it was clear that Sterling was no longer enjoying his life.  Susan made the heart wrenching decision to do what was in the best interest of Sterling and let him go.

Sterling was a very special greyhound.  He had a unique personality.  He was adopted by Susan who was absolutely the perfect adopter because she embraced and celebrated his uniqueness and brought out the best in him.  Sterling, along with his greyhound companion, Annie, could be seen at every greyhound event in the area.  They loved getting out and meeting people and we enjoyed seeing them.

We will never forget Sterling’s unique qualities.  He never really liked tile floors but he conquered the fear by learning to navigate them in his own way – he walked them backwards!  He was also a master at walking up stairs the same way.  We all love Sterling because he had such a sweet and loving personality.

We will all miss Sterling more than words can describe.  But we are happy that he had such a loving home with someone who no only appreciated him but gave him the life he deserved.

Sterling, run pain free; we will never forget you.


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