Rainbow Bridge – Dana’s Dynomite (Katrin)

Dana's Dynomite BestAugust 13, 2002 – January 10, 2014

We at FFGR, Inc. are sad to report that another one of our adopted greyhounds has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  We got notice from Jim and Maureen that their beloved greyhound, Katrin, had been diagnosed with advanced kidney disease and that she was too sick to go on.  Maureen and Jim adopted Katrin in April of 2010.  At the time Katrin was a Craiger’s List dog because she was a senior.  She raced a long time and had 248 races to her name!  Jim and Maureen were wonderful adopters who loved Katrin and gave her the best life possible.  They always kept in touch with us and reported many times that Katrin was the best greyhound they ever had.  They did not worry about how long she would be with them – something that seems to be rare these days.  We appreciate wonderful adopters like Jim and Maureen.  We feel sad at Katrin’s loss but we are gratified that she had people in her life who cared about her and cherished the time they had with her.

Run free at the bridge sweet girl……

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