Rainbow Bridge – M’s Power Dave (Louie)

Louie the Greyt IIDecember 5, 2004 – February 5, 2014

We are saddened to report that we lost another member of our FFGR, Inc.  family when Louie the greyhound passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Louie was adopted by Shelly and Tim in May 2007.  Anyone who met Louie agreed that he was one of the sweetest natured greyhounds ever to come in to our program.  He was a “kind” and gentle soul and loved everyone he met.  He was a great meet and greet dog because he knew how to win people over with a tail wag and those “love me” eyes.

Louie had cancer that took him much sooner than anyone wanted but he had a wonderful home where he was loved and cherished.  This is all every greyhound deserves and what we hope for when we place a dog in a home.  We know that Louie will be greatly missed.

Run with the angels, sweet Louie….


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