A Greyhound’s Plea

I came into your home from a place far away;
I’ve no understanding how to live this new way.
It’s all new to me; I’m scared and not feeling smart,
But I look into your eyes and give you my heart.

It all seems so strange and I need your lead
To show me how I’m supposed to succeed.
It’s not that I’m bad or want my own way;
I’m confused and uncertain with each new day.

I only know what I’ve lived before
So I do what I know and can’t do much more.
I trust you to teach me as that’s how I learn;
All I want is to love you and be loved in return.

I’m the putty you hold in your hand to shape;
I’m as good as you make me and for you I wait
To show me the way to be part of your life,
So I won’t disappoint you and cause you strife.

What you give to me I’ll return ten fold;
All I need is to know that I’m enough to hold
In your heart till I am what you want in a friend;
Then I’ll be yours through your life till mine comes to an end.

Rainbow Bridge – Indus Chick (Hershey)

Hershey 5-25February 18, 2001 – March 1, 2014

We are very sorry to report the loss of another FFGR, Inc. greyhound.  Hershey came to our group as a senior when  we were contacted by her adopter who could no longer care for her.  Since she was adopted from a group that no longer was in business, we agreed to take her in and find her another home.

We were quite shocked at her condition as she clearly had not been well cared for and she needed lots of TLC to get back on her feet.  We were happy that she was turned over to us so that we could find her a good home.  Once she got well, Art and Michael came to visit her and took her home.

They had her in their home for sixteen months.  We are sure that those had to have been the best months of her life.  We were sorry that Hershey had to spend so much of her life in a bad situation.  However, we are glad that she found two people who valued her and cherished her while she was with them.  We are so grateful to Art and Michale for giving this wonderfu dog a good home where she fourished.

Rainbow Bridge – KGB Barney (Brogan)

BarneyniceFebruary 10, 2003 – February 22, 2014

Our organization lost yet another long time ambassadog recently.  We got notice from one of our long time volunteers, J.D., that his greyhound, Brogan, lost his battle with cancer at the age of eleven.

Brogan was one of four greyhounds adopted by J.D.  and his late partner Kip.  He was the fourth one to come in to their home.  Like his other house mates, Brogan went to many meet and greet events and FFGR, Inc. picnics in the early days.  Brogan was a very quiet and submissive dog and he loved his house mates very much.  He lost all of them until J.D. adopted Katie, another senior, this past year. She kept him company in his last days.

We will always keep Brogan in our hearts.  He was a big part of us and we are glad that he had such a wonderful loving home.  Run free sweet boy.