A Greyhound’s Plea

I came into your home from a place far away;
I’ve no understanding how to live this new way.
It’s all new to me; I’m scared and not feeling smart,
But I look into your eyes and give you my heart.

It all seems so strange and I need your lead
To show me how I’m supposed to succeed.
It’s not that I’m bad or want my own way;
I’m confused and uncertain with each new day.

I only know what I’ve lived before
So I do what I know and can’t do much more.
I trust you to teach me as that’s how I learn;
All I want is to love you and be loved in return.

I’m the putty you hold in your hand to shape;
I’m as good as you make me and for you I wait
To show me the way to be part of your life,
So I won’t disappoint you and cause you strife.

What you give to me I’ll return ten fold;
All I need is to know that I’m enough to hold
In your heart till I am what you want in a friend;
Then I’ll be yours through your life till mine comes to an end.

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