Rainbow Bridge

It has been a long and sad winter and early spring at FFGR, Inc.  We have lost a number of our adopted greyhounds.  We have had a hard time keeping up with the losses.  All of the dogs we are posting are from March 2014 to present.  We are sorry that so many have passed on to the bridge but we are grateful to those adopters who loved and cared for them and gave them a chance at a wonderful life that they might not have otherwise had.  We have lost:




Chloe (Runnin for Pride) Adopted by the Tercera family







Ranger (WVs Ranger) Adopted by the Morrison Family




Fuzz Face Style Best


Thor (Fuzz Face Style) Adopted by the Morrison Family






Hershey Best



Hershey (Indus Chick) Adopted by the Pierce Family








Snickers (Doctor of Democracy) Adopted by the Hoffman Family








Al (Baba’s Al) Adopted by the Tuckerman Family





glitter pse




Glitter (Lil Glitter) Adopted by the Doll Family




K V Yellow Best



Brady (Kay V Yellow) Adopted by Merily Sterling

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