Martingale Collar Reminder

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer.  We thought, because so many people are out and about with their hounds, that it’s a good time to remind everyone to inspect those martingale collars for wear and tear and to make sure they are adjusted properly.  Please check for frayed materials and cuts that might make the collar break when the right amount of pressure is applied.  It only takes one “yank” for a collar to break if it’s old and frayed.  Also, improperly adjusted collars can be pulled off if a hound jumps and/or backs away.  We supply all adopters with a very strong collar that should last a long time.  However, like all martingale collars, they may loosen over time.  Always check to make sure the collar fits properly before every walk.  It only takes a few seconds and it’s much better than having to spend hours and/or days looking for a loose hound.  Check out the photo below for additional information:

Martingale Collar Adjustment

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