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Since we established our organization, we have been faced with a continuing problem of what to feed our available greyhounds until they go into their forever homes.  In addition, we receive questions constantly about what foods to recommend.  With each year that’s gone past, more and more foods have been introduced to the market making it even more complicated to determine what to recommend and feed our fostered dogs.  Not only that, we’ve witnessed many recalls of foods, have had to deal with dogs that develop food allergies and have had problems with dogs transitioning from track foods to commercial foods.  We’ve recently researched how we can help all of the dogs coming in to our program and give them a good healthy start to their new lives.

We are announcing that we have decided to work with Life’s Abundance pet foods.  This is a premium pet food that has wonderful ratings and has a good track record in terms of consistent high quality.  In fact, Life’s Abundance foods are not available in pet food stores.  The reason for this is that Life’s Abundance food is made in small batches and delivered to you fresh, generally within four to six weeks of being made.

All of our fostered greyhounds will now be eating Life’s Abundance foods.  Since almost all of the dogs fostered in Florida are also eating Life’s Abundance foods, we know that the transition from Florida to Maryland will be seamless – with fewer digestive problems.

With each adoption, dogs will go home with a bag of this food.  If adopters choose to continue feeding their dogs Life’s Abundance foods, our adoption group will receive a commission which will help us earn funds for our work.

If you are interested in what Life’s Abundance pet foods has to offer, please go to our web site.  Bookmark this site for future reference.

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