Fundraiser Thank You

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Danielle Duggan of Myersville, Maryland, for putting together a huge event August 2 to earn money for our organization.  Danielle single handedly planned and executed the Mid-Maryland Model Madness event that took place at the Myersville Fire Hall.  This event attracted a large number of people.  Danielle’s efforts resulted in a donation of $1,066 to FFGR,  Inc.!

We can appreciate how much work Danielle put in to make this amount of money to benefit our organization.  We are grateful to adopters like Danielle who give so generously of their time to benefit our cause.  Her donation came at an important time as each year it costs more to bring dogs in to our program.

Hats off and huge roooooooooooos to Danielle!


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