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Deandra DonationWe would like to thank Deandra and her classmates (and family) for taking on a project that involved collecting items for our organization.  Deandra has a greyhound, Daisy, that she loves very much so she decided to help our organization for her class project.  She and her family delivered all of the wonderful items that we are constantly in need of recently.  We appreciate her time on efforts on our behalf.  We meet some of the nicest people doing this work.  This is a huge supply of items including paper towels, new tote bags (we send adopters home with items we place in a tote bag), laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, towels and blankets for crates.  This supply will last a very long time.

We have a supply closet for the hounds and it is so nice to open the door and see it all stocked up!  Thank you Deandra!!!


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