New Year Checklist

Happy New Year copySince the New Year is here, we thought it would be a good idea to make up a check list of things that would help you get through the year and make sure your hound is safe, healthy, and happy.

___Be vigilant and look for signs that your hound is not feeling well. Consider a medical reason for sudden behavior changes first.

___Use heartworm/flea and tick preventative; add a reminder to your calendar monthly so you do not forget.

___Check gate latches daily; add signs on gates warning contractors or visitors to keep gates closed. Lock unused gates.

___Check fence lines for holes and depressions where a hound can crawl or slip through. Make repairs.

___Check all doors to make sure they close correctly. Add a baby gate to doors where a hound can jump out accidentally.

___Check the yard often to make sure nothing harmful has been dropped or thrown in it that your hound could eat.

___Make sure your hound does not get too cold or hot outdoors. Be watchful for signs of distress.

___Wash and change water bowls daily and make sure there is always a fresh supply of clean water available.

___When changing your hound’s food, make sure it is done slowly and wait a month before changing his/her diet again.

___Check vaccination records and make sure all are up to date; add the date the shots are due on your calendar .

___Check collars monthly for wear and tear and loose hardware. Replace worn collars.

____At all times, keep your own ID tag as well as the FFGR, Inc. ID tag on your hound(s).

___Inspect leashes often and replace leashes that have slits in them or are fraying.

___Make sure no tags are on the D-ring that tightens the collar. Use a tag collar or place tags elsewhere on collar.

___Check weekly to ensure the collar is adjusted properly. Test by bringing the collar up to behind the ears. Pull D-ring to tighten collar. You should be able to place two fingers inside the loop at the dog’s neck.

___Inspect all toys often; discard old ones; keep fiberfill away from your hound so it cannot be ingested.

___When repairing plush toys, use only upholstery or breakable thread; do not use nylon or polyester thread that, when swallowed, can be caught in the digestive tract.

___Throw away all rubber toys that can be easily chewed up into small pieces and swallowed.

____Regularly inspect bones and rawhides; throw away all small and old pieces; replace with new ones.

___Keep your hound’s nails clipped; do not allow them to get so long that your hound has a hard time walking.

___Check ears weekly to make sure they are clean; watch for scratching and pawing at the ears and head shaking (sign of infection).

___Check constantly to make sure that any cleaning products, medications, etc. are high up on shelves and out of the way of your hound. Keep counters clear of same.

___Put together a contingency plan NOW for boarding your hounds, etc. in case an emergency comes up.

___Consider NOW what would happen to your hound(s) in case you get sick, have an accident, lose your home, die, etc. Give the information to someone you trust.

_____Love your hounds as they love you!!!!


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