Why Adopt A Broken Leg Dog?

HerefordGC1Since the establishment of Craiger’s List in 2008, we have been finding homes for greyhounds that for one reason or another have been overlooked or not “chosen” by other adoption programs.  That is the shy, spooky, disabled, seniors, special needs hounds.  We find it hard to believe (based on our record) that people just do not want to adopt these types of dogs – although this is often what we hear.  People want to adopt them and they do.  Craiger’s List has been a huge success because it has proven to us that there are special people who will choose a greyhound that needs a little help over the pretty social butterflies – that, by the way, don’t take much effort to place.

We are finding it almost unbelievable that some people are coming to our organization and requesting dogs that have not had broken legs so that they will not have to face any potential medical problems in the future.   (Many times at our meet and greet event volunteers hear statements such as “You have a lot of broken leg dogs on your web site.”)  To us, that is like saying they want a guarantee that we will find them a perfect dog that will never have issues for the rest of its life.  We are good, but to be honest, that is beyond our capability.

If you search for greyhounds on our web site looking for homes (in the Featured Dog section), you will often see dogs with healed broken legs.  This seems to be a deal breaker for a lot of people.  This surprises us because these are the dogs that someone liked so much that they felt it was worth the cost and effort to fix the leg.  It takes a lot of expense and time to repair a broken leg.  It would be so much easier to just walk away from these dogs.

Many people do not understand that dogs with repaired broken legs are not disabled and most will go on to live a normal life.   All dogs may get arthritis as they age and it may not be just those with repaired broken legs.  All dogs can get cancer, develop eye problems and/or fall victim to any number of illnesses.   All greyhounds can break a leg running in the back yard (and some have), falling down stairs, etc.  Would an adopter not want to do all they could to get it medical help if something happened during the dog’s life?  Would they just walk away?  Perhaps some adopters would, but most would not.

Since we established our group in 2005, we have never turned away greyhounds with repaired broken legs.  One of the very first three greyhounds we brought in to our program when we began had a repaired broken leg.  We estimate that we have placed over 100 greyhounds with repaired broken legs.  All of these dogs found a home and had no further issues with the exception of two greyhounds that developed problems relating to hardware that was used to repair the legs.  There were no further problems.  We paid toward the surgery and each dog is doing fine.

Why overlook a dog that may be the best fit for your family and be the love of your life because of something that dog had no control over – a dog that we feel has as much value as any other dog.  Our mission will always be to find the very best home for every dog as each one deserves it.

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