Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow BridgeThe following greyhounds have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Each was greatly loved by their adopters.  Each had a wonderful life filled with love and excellent care.  As we go about our work, we take the time to think about all the dogs that got a chance at a good life and feel fortunate to have played a role in this.  We know that losing a greyhound is hard because they bring so much in to our lives.  But at the same time we realize that each had a chance at a life filled with love.  We’d like to thank their adopters for giving them homes where they were valued as members of the family.

Halima Sweet



Halima (adopted and loved by Jeanne and Steve)







Allenton (adopted and loved by the Wenger family)





USS Private Ryan best



Gabe (adopted and loved by Steve and Marcia)




Clara Rosso



Clara (adopted and loved by Marge and Tom)


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