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The 4th Annual Linda Jensen Memorial Greyhound Expo Picnic is set for Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Linda Jensen was the original mastermind behind the Greyhound Adoption Expo which celebrated the retired racing greyhound and helped to raise funds to transport retired racers from tracks and farms to greyhound adoption programs in the Northeast.

Linda had spent more than 20 years leading the effort to find adoptive homes for retired racing greyhounds.  She worked tirelessly to make sure every dog had a safe place to go after the tracks closed in New England.  In 2010, Linda was named greyhound racing’s Greyhound Adoption Person of the Year. 

While Linda passed away in 2011, her legacy lives on through the work of East Coast Adoption, which transports approximately 1,000 greyhounds per year from Florida and on up the Eastern Seaboard.  Twenty three Adoption Groups from North Carolina to Canada take in the racers and find suitable homes for the dogs.

2015 Greyhound Expo and Puppy Farm Tour

Saturday, June 13 2015, 11 am to 3:00 pm
283 Orchard Hill Road, Pomfret Center, CT

Guest Speakers will provide perspective on retired racers from track to home:

Ann Bollens, Co-Director of the Sunburst Project (supplier of many of the retired racers coming to the Northeast), and Secretary of Greyhound Pets of America (GPA).

Julie Ward, President of the National Greyhound Association (NGA)

Why we need your help? 

The East Coast Adoption hauler has logged well over 500,00 miles on its greyhound transport missions.  While Adoption groups pay a flat fee to have their dogs delivered to the Northeast, they do not account for major repairs and wear and tear on the truck and hauler.   Last year alone,  several thousand dollars were expended to keep both vehicles road worthy for human and hound (AC upgrades, brake and axle repairs, etc).  Additionally, East Coast Adoption boards dogs until they can be transported to their final destination.

All proceeds from the Greyhound Expo Picnic will go towards maintaining the East Coast Adoption hauler and to continue Linda Jensen’s mission of transporting Greyhounds from Florida to the Northeast for adoption.

What types of donations are needed?

  • Donate items to raffle at the Picnic…for dogs…people…all donations are welcome and the Donors will be recognized at both the Display Table and when the Winners are announced.
  • Donate food for the Picnic (hotdogs, hamburgers, soda, water, chips, cookies)
  • On-line contributions are processed through PayPal (click here)

 For more information and instructions on how to sign up for the Expo and Picnic

Visit the Greyhound Expo website to RSVP and learn about activities and vendors that will be on site for the day of the event (

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