Rainbow Bridge – Emma Warner

Emma WarnerEmma Warner

 April 15, 1989-October 11, 2015

 It is with great sadness that we have lost a wonderful, sweet, kind, loving and generous young lady, Emma Warner, in our Greyhound Community. There is nothing more special when a young woman donates her time and resources to caring for, advocating for and educating others on how wonderful and special Greyhounds are to enhancing our lives.

Unknown to Emma and her family, Emma was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Vascular which is rare, and an incurable disease. Prior to Emma’s diagnoses, Emma had her ups and downs, but this disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Vascular, is what lead to her stroke in January 2011 and her eventual death on October 11, 2015. She was a trooper and tolerated constant pain. The damage from the stroke was something she could not beat.

Emma and her parents (Gary & Pat Warner) have spent many years volunteering to help the Greyhounds from fundraising events, educating people on Greyhounds, transporting fosters, assisting with hauls, and even fostering Greyhounds. They had to stop fostering because of all their foster failures became a growing Greyhound family, one of which included Emma’sown adopted Greyhound, Odie, who stuck to his Mom like glue. Emma’s family will continue in their efforts to do everything they can for Greyhounds including being Santa helpers for the Santo Photo events.

Even though Emma is no longer with us, she continues to assist Greyhounds with another special gift of love. She has asked that donations be made “In Honor of Emma Warner” to

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – Vascular (Tribute Gift)

In honor of Emma Warner



Fast Friends Greyhounds Rescue


Add Emma Warner under special instructions
Or Mail Check with note “In Honor of Emma Warner”
Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue
PO Box 58
Walkersville, MD 21793


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