About Craiger’s List

Craiger’s List is named in honor of a very special greyhound that graced our lives for a wonderful , but brief, period of time. Craiger died of lymphoma shortly after his third birthday. He touched us deeply and permanently. We want others to know how giving a special dog a home can be so rewarding. Craiger will always be in our hearts and we hope that his passing will be honored by giving other special dogs a chance at a good life, with time and additional care not being a concern.

We are pleased to announce that our group is always working harder to place greyhounds from Craiger’s List.  Although we have worked hard and have found homes for hundreds of greyhounds since our group was established, we have had our most satifisying experience finding homes for these special hounds.  We have always felt that the “overlooked” dogs also deserved a chance.  Therefore, we have enhanced our mission and hope to work on behalf of these deserving animals.  There are many people who can talk about how fulfilling their adoption of special needs hounds has been and we have met many wonderful people in the process who understand that the best dogs are sometimes the ones that get overlooked.

All available dogs on Craiger’s List are considered hard to place for various reasons.  We work with greyhound farms, racing and adoption kennels, other adoption groups and individuals.  We are notified by these entities if a qualified dog needs a home.  We turn no one away if they ask us to place a dog on Craiger’s List.   Each dog will usually stay on Craiger’s List until a qualified adopter comes along and adopts the dog.

When these dogs are placed, the ENTIRE adoption fee will be sent as a donation directly to the Morris Animal Foundation, Greyhound Project, which researches cancer.  To date our group has donated $16,175 to the Morris Animal Foundation on behalf of cancer research!!!!!

ALL of our newly adopted greyhounds from Craiger’s List will receive a substantial “welcome home” gift from Diane Allen.  Diane adopted Desi from Craiger’s List in 2011 and has since become a wonderful supporter of our program.

 If you are interested in any of these special hounds, please fill out our adoption application and note the name of the dog that you would like to adopt.  We will contact you to discuss your application.  These are all wonderful dogs and they deserve special homes.  We require that all potential adopters be knowledgeable about dogs in general and greyhounds specifically.  In some cases, we will provide additional incentives for adoption, but that will be disclosed at the time the adoption is approved.  Please give one of these special hounds a chance.  We guarantee that you will be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations!

Please note that all Craiger’s List dogs are fostered before being placed.
 If you are interested in adopting a dog on Craiger’s List, please watch our video below and then go to our adoption application.   Please provide as much information about yourself as possible.  Thank you!