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Please note: While we think that all greyhounds are “perfect”, the dog you fall in love with might not be the best fit for your home. Our mission is to match dogs with people. That is why our dogs here are all profiled and fostered. We can help you find the right dog for your home. We want your experience to be positive and we want our dogs to find FOREVER homes!

We often get calls and emails from people who want to adopt a particular greyhound. Many people mistakenly think that we operate like a shelter. They start off by picking out a dog on our web site and then they contact us about it.

However, we foster all of our dogs in homes to help them get used to living in a home. While they are in foster care, we carefully watch them to determine what their personalities are like and what type of home they would be best suited for. The “profile” we produce on each dog helps potential adopters determine if that dog would work best in their home. This works perfectly because it gives the dogs and people adopting them a better chance at success when the match is good.

We ask you to keep an open mind. If you have met greyhounds and their adopters, you probably understand why people love them so much. They are all wonderful and all deserve a chance in the best home. Please wait until you start through the adoption process first before picking out a dog to fall in love with.

We are very willing to work to get the dog you want into your home but will be very clear if that dog will not make a good fit. Avoid the pitfalls of wishing for a particular color, age, and/or sex. Many people come to us with specific wishes and requirements and (happily) end up with a completely different dog!

Please continue on to our Featured Dogs page but remember, there are many greyhounds still not on our list that are waiting in the wings and one of those may be your dog!