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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to educate the public about retired racing greyhounds and their value as gentle, loving creatures that make wonderful additions to our lives. 

Many people who meet greyhounds are surprised at their gentle quiet nature! They are actually much quieter and are easier to take care of than most small breeds of dogs!

We also advocate for the adoption of retired racing greyhounds when they retire from racing, in addition to finding homes for greyhounds that are often overlooked because of age, infirmities and/or behavior issues.

We do not condemn people in the racing industry; we give them credit for good breeding and socialization. We only wish to advocate on the side of the greyhound and do what we can to help find homes for them.

One of the services we offer includes finding homes for “hard to place” greyhounds that might otherwise have less of a chance of being adopted because of some problem that keeps them from being chosen by groups We will be glad to showcase any hard to place greyhound and either find a home for that dog or refer people to the group that is sponsoring the dog. We will showcase any dogs that are in farm, track or adoption kennels that need a special home. We are also willing to work with other groups to re-home returned greyhounds, especially those senior and special needs dogs that are often turned in by their adopters. Many people already know what wonderful pets senior dogs make and many special needs dogs make the best pet in the right home. Some people are up to the task of taking on these “special” dogs and we want to help in the process by making the dogs available for people to see them and advocate on their behalf.